Usually I’ll every single idea I have for anything ever into a notepad file that’ll never get saved and lost forever. Mostly, this is a good thing because I have terrible ideas about everything. However, any ideas that lead to decent new content for this site can only be good, so I’ll type them up here where they’ll be saved forever (until the hosting runs out) and be a continual source of embarrassment for me.

Media Reviews

I’ve maintained a list of movies I’ve watched each year (0 so far in 2014 though) but the problem remains that I’m not particularly insightful when it comes to movies/music/books at all. It’d still be some great filler though!

something to do with wrestling

even as i wrote the title i regretted it

video games

i could post up my videos as i make them but honestly i kind of wanted to portray myself as a more interesting person than someone who just plays games in case of someone (employers) google searching my name

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